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Dozer and Excavation Services

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About Us

Fitz+Hill is a construction and maintenance services company specializing in most all types of site civil work including ROW/land clearing, excavating, pad building, lease roads, reclamation, environmental controls, to name a few. Our executive team has more than 50 combined years of experience in the multifaceted energy construction services industry.

Partnering in Success

The Fitz+Hill team is well versed in supporting our customers efforts and managing through the fast-paced challenges our customers face on a regular basis in the energy construction industry. Executing through a partnership approach with our customers is the key to both our successes. Fitz+Hill has the experienced and qualified workforce to successfully execute both small- and large-scale projects with Project Management tailored to best fit our customer’s needs. Our customers 100% satisfaction is a priority for every project we do.

Message from the Owner:

Honesty and Integrity has always, and will always be at the forefront of what we do. We stand behind our work and do what we say. 

ROW/Land Clearing

When it comes to land clearing, there are multiple levels of cleanliness to consider when planning and budgeting your project.

Dozer Work

The Fitz+Hill team has the expertise and equipment necessary to tackle your dozer work and next project.

Excavation Services

The Fitz+Hill team offers a wide range of excavation services to fit your needs whether it be a small trench to a large pond/lake, and everything between.

Pond Construction

Fitz+Hill owns and maintains access to a fleet of both small and large equipment to effectively accommodate our customer’s needs for Lake Pond Construction.